A Table of Tipis

I couldn't really say a ring of tipi's, since a tabletop of tipis was more fitting. In observance of Native American month, my students and I made tipis. I introduced them to as much Native American history as minds of 3 and 4 year olds could absorb. For those of you who know me well, know being crafty and artsy is not in my dna, so I was rather surprised with the outcome of these tipis.
It was simple enough, after sitting by myself with paper plates and spending a great deal of time talking to myself.
Taking a paper plate, cutting it in half and having the kids paint it brown, to create the look of hide. The kids then added their own art work and designs to the tipi's. Remembering a project from the 3rd grade,( an idea that came to me in the shower. In fact all of my great ideas come to me in the shower, I just wish they would invent water proof paper) anyway back to the tipis. We then rolled the tipi to a cone shape, glued the sides and then added craft sticks for the poles. We then cut slips to make the flaps. To create as authentic a set as possible, we went out and glued sand to pieces of cardboard. We then took small pieces of gravel from the swing to let them make their fire ring. Juniper sprigs from the bushes around the bulding were cut to allow the "planting" of trees. We also added Indian corn to illustrate the food source of those living in these tipis.
Not knowing  exactly if the students actually "got" the ideas of the tipi's it made my day when Kolton, looking at his tipi after we cut the slit said "Cool". My job is done!

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