Comanche National Grasslands

Interesting. Interesting indeed. Looking back on the last and hate to say only post to this blog, was about a trip to the mountains. Never did quit finish that blog. Have the best of intentions, to post the most interesting, thought provoking information regarding Colorado and our little adventures, but don't always seem to follow thru.
Almost a year to the day we took another trip, except in the opposite direction of the mountains. We headed East, towards the Great Plains of Colorado to visit the Commanche National Grasslands.
Haven't had much chance to visit the plains very often, although missing the magnificence of the mountains, there is something very spiritual and powerful about the vastness and endless horizon of the grasslands.

Named for Warriors of the Plains, the Comanches, with the arrival of the horse, ruled much of the Great Plains. One easily can imagine warriors, one with their mustangs, free and powerful as they race across the plains. Whether hunting the great buffalo or warring with another tribe, viewing many of the same views they looked upon made me realize how we are not all that separated from the past or the land around us. Its our job to keep both alive for our children, so they too can experience what it feels like to be completely surrounded by nature for as far as the eye can see.

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